Occasions arise in one’s life that call for recognizing those we care about. Heidelberg Academy has a new opportunity to honor those we hold in honor and in memory. Should you like to participate in the Heidelberg Honorarium Program, either contact the school with your donation [tax-exempt] by phone or email, and provide the name and address of those being honored or remembered. The appropriate contact card will then be sent to the person or family being recognized by the school that will include the name of the donor. The Honorarium recognition options are available but not limited to the following:

Bronze honor: $25.00

Silver honor: $50.00

Gold honor: $100.00

Platinum honor: $500.00

Diamond honor: $1000.00

Sapphire honor: $2000.00

Ruby honor: $5000.00

Those donating may designate the expenditure of the funds toward meeting specific school needs. A needs list is available upon request. The school will also produce a quarterly newsletter acknowledging the donation to be distributed to parents and alumni.

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