In todays complex world, respect and understanding are components necessary for preparing a student for life. Heidelberg Academy is committed to diversity in race, color and national origin in the student body, faculty and programs. These diversities prepare students to participate in a world community.
Please refer to the admissions policy form for more information regarding terms of admission. 

                 Each application must be approved by the Headmaster and School Board before it becomes binding upon Heidelberg Academy.

Private education is a privilege provided for young people by parents, and individuals, that recognize the importance of education.  It is not a "right" to be exercised without respect for others and it requires acceptance of certain responsibilities.

Each student in grades 6th-12th, and all parents, must read and sign the student contract found in the back of the student handbook.  Heidelberg Academy encourages students to think independently, and view the student handbook as a contract which they seek to uphold as a promise to their school.

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