Heidelberg Academy was formed as a private corporation which began operation in 1970 as Heidelberg Baptist Academy.  The school was housed in the Baptist and Presbyterian Churches in Heidelberg.  The current facility was built and occupied in the fall of 1971.

The Board of Directors changed the name of the school to its current name, Heidelberg Academy, in order that it be better understood that while the school fosters Christian principles such as prayer and Bible stories, our religious emphasis is non-denominational.  Our student body is comprised of students from various religious denominations.

Heidelberg Academy is a member of the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) and is accredited by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools Accrediting Commission with a Class ĎA' rating.  Students from Heidelberg Academy have attended and are attending both in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities.  Approximately 90% of Heidelberg Academy graduates enroll in college programs with thousands of dollars worth of scholarships offered each year.

The school operates a highly successful activities program as a member of the MAIS.  We offer a multitude of athletic and enrichment activities designed to enhance the educational experience at Heidelberg Academy.

The primary purpose for the existence of Heidelberg Academy is to foster quality education in an atmosphere of discipline and strict academic standards.

School Colors:  
The school colors were chosen to educate students about the past and to connect the past with the present. Heidelberg Academy’s official school colors are confederate grey, navy and white.

Confederate Gray – During The War Between the States, the rebel soldiers wore predominantly grey uniforms. The Confederate uniforms were grey due to its availability and usefulness.  Confederate grey was chosen as
Heidelberg Academy’s primary color not only to remind students of its historical context but also to teach them to become useful, valuable and accessible just as the color of a Confederate uniform.

Navy – The school’s secondary color is navy and is similar to that found on the unofficial flag of the Confederacy, The Bonnie Blue.  Navy represents independence and a desire for self-sovereignty.  The color was chosen, as a Heidelberg Academy school color, to remind students of the flag that flew over Ft. Sumter, when the first shot was fired; thus, beginning the War of Northern Aggression, and to teach them self-reliance and independence.  

White or silver – Heidelberg Academy’s accent colors are white or silver.  The colors are similar to the one star found on The Bonny Blue.  The single star represents each student as an individual.

School Flag
A school flag provides a strong, emotional connection and forms loyalty with a school.  Heidelberg Academy’s school flag is the Confederate Battle Flag.  Just as the South went to battle to defend the homeland so do our students and student athletes when they rise to meet challenges in the classroom or on the field or court.  The flag represents fearlessness, purity, and perseverance.  It should be noted the school flag is the Second Confederate Navy Jack with a distinctly different blue that’s found on The Bonny Blue.  It should also be noted that the flag is Christian in nature, and the X found in the flag is called, Cross of St. Andrew.  As a follower of Christ, St. Andrew was crucified.  He did not feel worthy to die as Jesus did and requested to be crucified on a deviated cross.      

School Mascot    

Rebels – Heidelberg Academy’s mascot is Colonel Reb.  Being named “Col Reb” was a badge of honor across the South, in the early 70’s, so choosing to name Heidelberg Academy’s mascot, as such, was a popular decision. Heidelberg Academy’s Col Reb was modeled after Blind Jim Ivy and wears a predominately grey, three- piece suit, hat, and carries a cane.

Alma Mater

Dixie – The school song, Dixie, is the experience, and identity, that is distinctly Heidelberg Academy.

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